Type: Industrial design
Client: Emiota
Phase: Delivered
Year : 2014
Materials: perforated steel buckle, screen-printed and topstitched leather
Awards: CES Innovation Award, Best of CES Award, Stuff Wearable Tech Award

Emiota designs accessories that incorporate technology to better understand your body in order to improve your health and well-being.

Belty is a belt that automatically adjusts to the waistline during the day and communicates measurements to a smartphone for precise tracking.
When the leather band moves under the buckle it creates a moiré effect which makes the object alive and attractive.
In the future, other types of sensors may be integrated to increase the functionality of the product.

Here, design makes the technology understandable, creates new uses while being meaningful, affirms a differentiating positioning in a booming market and helps give an identity and a vision to the company.
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