Type : Space design
Client : Universcience
Year : 2012
Location : Cité des Sciences, Paris, France
Surface : 1.000 s.m.
Budget : 450.000 euros
Phase : Winning project_cancelled project
Partners : Maskarade (architects), Vecteur Fluide (engineering), Maud Guerche (graphic designer)
Links : Carrefour numerique², Carrefour numerique² fablab

The Cite des Sciences wished to renovate and enlarge the Carrefour numerique - a space for general public access to digital technologies - to make it a real fablab with a livinglab, which allows different publics to appropriate these spaces to exchange, collaborate and invent the products, services and systems of tomorrow.

The spatial organization we proposed is based on the problem of the flexibility of spaces to give a great freedom of use. The project is summarized in a free plan and a technical ceiling which irrigates some connection points; these connection points are equipped with easy-to-use connection supports that allow any visitor to 'plug in' to the physical network (electricity, internet network, machine network) and the social one (fablab community).

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