TypeSpace design
Client : La Bollicina
Partner : Charlotte Vinet
Year : 2021
Location : Paris, France
Surface : 60 s.m.
Phase : Delivered
Photography : Clément Boulard

The objective here was to design ex nihilo a place to live capable of evolving over the course of the day and the seasons, from Italian coffee at the counter in the morning, a lunch offer, caterer and grocer during the day, to finish by tastings of artisanal products on the terrace and film screenings in the evening, and thus create a conviviality and proximity to the neighborhood.

The layout of the space makes it possible to highlight real know-how, with fresh products made on site (fresh pasta, pinsa romana, puccia).

Finally, the choice of colors and materials responds to a double desire: to carry the Italian spirit on the one hand, by a stone floor and Italian tiles, olive wood for the furniture, and light and luminous colors for surfaces, and also create a singular and unexpected identity for this place.

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