Type : Industrial design
Location : Saint Nazaire, France
Year : 2012
Phase : Prototype
Process : bottom-up innovation + industrial context
Collaborators : WT2I, Shift Up Engineering
Materials : aluminum frame, technical textile, electric assistance
Links : www.destinations2030.org,

The issue of mobility on the territory of the agglomeration of St Nazaire is a medium-term issue: the need to connect the different neighborhoods, redeployment of activities towards the sea, the need to offer alternative modes of travel.

The pedal car is here the embodiment of a context, an entry key at the same time to understand the territory but also to project it into another possible one : diversification of know-how premises (composite materials, renewable energies, complex assemblies), future mobility, tourist attractiveness, development of ambulance services.

This vehicle is designed as a cradle on which the accessories are assembled according to the use:
car-sharing, ambulantage, microfret; the frame is made up of aluminum tubes connected by connecting pieces, the fairing and the seat are made of technical outdoor textile: the result is an ultra-light and efficient vehicle.
The design phase was carried out in a workshop shared with all local stakeholders (inhabitants, schools, industrialists).
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